Rice/Vigeant Racing Newsletter April 16, 2006

In January, we un-boxed the new rear axle we had bought months before, but had to store away while mark moved.  Adapting the car to fit the axle was straight forward, but took some time.  Probably the biggest issue was fitting the new brake caliper.  Unlike normal cars, we had to hold the caliper from the outside.   This meant fabricating a bracket to reach around it, from the frame, to its bolt holes.

rear brake caliper bracket

The bracket just before welding.  The air hose is clamping the caliper to the disk to hold it straight.

Axel and templates

We made a few templates as we finalized the design.  It was a part we didn't want to have to make twice.  The final axle assembly.

With the rear axle nearly complete, we turned our attention to the front axle, specificly the steering box.   By the end of February, the front axle was basically complete.

front axel

The new steering linkage.

In March, we started working on fixing up the body.  The nose had been torn off, and needed extensive repairs.  We cut two matching aluminum rings, and welded one into the nose, and the other to the front of the body, to hold the pieces together.  Some of the welds were in an awkward position, so we stood the body up for some of the welding.

Welding with the body up in the air.

Now, our nose is bolted on, and if needed, can be removed.

The finished nose repair.

With most of the preliminary body repairs complete, we test fit it back onto the frame.

the body back on
We will probably decide to split the lower body to allow easier repairs in the future.

With less than a month to go before the first race, we know that we won't be ready in time.  We're now shooting for July or September for our check out runs.

The May meet will be a two day meet, held May 6th & 7th.   Alan and I will be there to time the meet.  If you get the chance, swing by the timing stand and say hi.


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