Rice/Vigeant Racing Newsletter December, 2007

Just like last year, work got in the way of racing.  James and Alan’s timing company, ChronoLogic Timing got a lot more jobs than the usual two BNI meets.  We had a little warning with last year’s BUB motorcycle meet, but we didn’t expect what happened this year.  In June, we concluded we needed our own timing stand, so we bought a small trailer and with Mark’s help added an upper deck to it.

New ChronoLogic timing trailer with upper deck.

In July, we had three timing jobs.  We timed the world’s fastest NASCAR at Bonneville, then a few days later, the BAR Honda F1 Car at the Victorville airport, in California, then a couple of days later the same car back up at Bonneville.

BAR Honda set the class record, but just missed the 400kph they were hoping for.

In August, we timed SpeedWeek, for 9 days and then had one day off, before timing the JCB Diesel streamliner for a few days.

JCB DieselMAX Streamliner on the salt.

The beginning of September was the BUB Bonneville motorcycle event.  That meet was highlighted when the all time motorcycle speed record that had stood for many years was broken by Ack Attack, then that record was broken by the BUB streamliner, then Easy Hook, went even faster, but blew a tire, and couldn’t make the required return run.

Shot of the timing screen after the BUB Motorcycle run

The end of September, had the Cook Motorsports Speed Shootout, with surprise guest Steve Fossett.  Could he be looking to get into land Speed?  We can only hope.

Steve Fossett visits the salt and took a test drive.

Almost mercifully, the October World Finals event was rained out, and that brought an end to the timing jobs for the year, and we could go back to thinking about the race car.

Mark got the motor rebuilt, and got the rest of the parts needed to get it rolling again done, so we took it for a little test push on a very nice day in late December.
Pushing the car to make sure it rolls straight.


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