Rice Vigeant Racing

Belly Tank Lakester #9999

Rice Vigeant Racing Bellytank Lakester 9999 at El Mirage Lakebed

James Rice  Alan Rice   Mark Vigeant
El Mirage Lakebed November 2008

You've landed on the RiceVigeant  BellyTank-Lakester Car #9999  update page.  The pages below were originally sent out as  E-mailed newsletters to people interested in our car.  Please note that these are in reverse chronologic order, with the newest files at the top.

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6-10-09 A lot of rebuild work, but the car and motor are ready to go again


We ran all of 2008 and came in 16th over all, but just missed getting a record.  More news updates to come.


More updates from 2007 in the works

  05-18-07 Our first meet back running with the rebuilt car!

05-02-07 We're Back!!

12-06 news 12-06  Lots of racing, just not with our car.
  4-16-06 Body and axlework

12-30-05  Yes, we're still working on the car, when jobs don't get in the way.
  05-13-05  Alan's crash and what has happened for the last six months.


09-28-04   Water, Water, everywhere...

08-04-04  More problems with too much torque.

07-14-04 We blow the first race, but have better luck in the second.

04-07-04 Lots of public exposure and the motor starts.

Installing another motor03-17-04 All the work that gets done in the off season.



11-13-03The season ends on a wet note.

11-07-03  The late report from World Finals

10-05-03 Things come together for a new GGL record!

09-10-03   Short note about the cancelation of the September meet.

09-05-03 newsletter09-05-03  What happened in August, including SpeedWeek.

07-21-03  The July Race.  We're still in the points race.

06-21-03  The June 2003 race.  We just missed getting a record.

05-21-03 Our first race of the season and our first speed record!

05-16-03  Everything is ready for the first race

04-22-03  We get a loaner motor and do lots of little things.

03-07-03 More engine damage and some trailer changes.



11-25-02  The last meet of the season and Alan busts another timing chain.

11-01-02  Results from World Finals 2002 at Bonneville Salt Flats

Wet Salt10-07-02  The October meet and Wet Salt.

09-17-02The September Race and what's being done to the Hayabusa.

08-30-02 Back From Bonneville SpeedWeek.

07-19-02  Where's that darned newsletter?

06-03-02  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

05-09-02  May Meet Results

05-02-02  The sleeper is awakened.

04-23-02  Almost ready to race.

04-08-02  Painting is finished, and all four tires are back on the ground.

03-25-02  We paint the car.  I can't believe it really worked.

03-20-02   Starting the paint job.

03-04-0203-04-02    Lots and lots of body work.

02-05-02    The First update of 2002: What's been happening over the winter



What'a Ride!   Take a vicarious ride down the salt in the mind of Mark Vigeant.

12-04-01  Race Dates for 2002

11-29-01 Last Meet of the year.

10-23-01  Bonneville Salt Flats, at last!

10-12-01  Another quick note.

10-08-01  October meet at El Mirage.  Things could have gone better...

10-04-01 A quick note.

09-17-01  First meet with the Hayabusa motor, and a new high speed for the car.

09-10-01 Finishing work on the Hayabusa motor.

09-04-01  The new motor runs, sort of...

08-27-01 What's been happening in August.

07-30-01 Hayabusa Week 2:

   07-23-01 Hayabusa Week 1:

07-18-01 Results of the July 2001 El Mirage meet... :-(

07-09-01  Race preparations continue.

06-28-01  Fitting the Canopy.

06-11-01   The June 2001 meet.

05-29-01   Lots of fiberglass work.

05-07-01   The May 2001 meet.

05-02-01   The car can race.

   04-23-01   Lots of little things completed.

04-16-01   The car drives for the first time.

04-09-01   The first newsletter, about the rear (engine) cover mold.

March 2001  Lots and lots of plaster work

Early 2001 Starting the rear cover mold

Late 2000  The early body work, and frame is finished.

Mid 2000   The car is now rolling on it's own.

Early 2000    How it all got started.

We didn't start in racing with the car above.  Here are pages that go way back in history to show where we went wrong.  These pages are painful, we hope you find them entertaining.

Prehistory #1  How it all got started...

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